About Me

I was born in June 1979 in Chesterfield, VA and after living in the Hampton Roads, Chicago, and DC areas I have returned to Chesterfield. My family consists of my sister and nephew in Chesterfield, my twin in New Hampshire, and a brother in Illinois. I have been told my ancestry consists of English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Iroquois, Algonquian but I have not had a genealogy study completed. I graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor in Science with concentrations in Computer Science and Elementary Education. I have also completed the Institute for Organization Management nonprofit organization management professional development program and received my IOM in June 2010. View my resume here.

Entertainment Internet Resources

Following is a sampling of my interests. My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican, colors are forest green and blue, and animals are eagles and dolphins.

Overall, I have some varied interests. I am an avid reader. I mainly read science fiction and fantasy and some historical fiction. Normally I read serial books, though I occasionally read one-shots. My favorite series include: Isaac Asimov's Robot, Empire, and Foundation, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game saga, and Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber. Even as a kid I read series, though my favorite children's book was Tuck Everlasting. These series include Ramona Quimby, Chronicles of Narnia, Pippi Longstocking, Bunnicula, and A Wrinkle in Time. As an adult I have also read the following children's series: Dark is Rising, Harry Potter, and The Wizard of Oz (the 14 books written by L. Frank Baum).

The TV shows that I am a fan of are As Time Goes By, Ballykissangel, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doc Martin, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Monarch of the Glen, NCIS, any Star Trek, and Stargate SG-1/Atlantis. One of my all time favorites is Babylon 5 with my favorite episodes being Severed Dreams, War Without End Part 1-2, Into the Fire, Intersections in Real Time, Deconstruction of Falling Stars, and Sleeping in Light.

My favorite movies are Pay it Forward, Minority Report, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (best mesh of comedy and science fiction since Spaceballs), Serenity and The Incredibles. Of course with my love of series comes a love of serial movies, which include the Star Trek films, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, and Harry Potter.

As for music, I will listen to just about anything except hard rock and most country. Most of my CDs are of Celtic music with my favorite groups being Celtic Thunder, Enter the Haggis, Gaelic Storm, Irish Descendants, Loreena McKennitt, and Seven Nations.

Outside of the media, my interests are still as varied. I am interested in the Irish and Scottish history and culture, and mythology including King Arthur. I love nature and enjoy taking walks. In the future I would also like to study some type of earth science, such as Oceanography, Astronomy, Geology, or Forestry. Additionally, I am adept in technology. I have created numerous websites and can program in HTML and CSS. I also enjoy learning any new technology and being presented with challenges that allow me to determine new ways to accomplish tasks with technology. To view resoures that I created with technology while I was teaching, please visit the Teacher Resources webpage.

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