In Fall of 2002 24 students entered Creative Communication's "A Celebration of Poets" poetry contest. This won Bassette the "Poetic Achievement Award." This award is given to schools whose students' entries to the Young Poets Contest were of exceptionally high merit. Below are the award winning poems. (Once I get them)

Allen, Terell - Thankful Bennett, Paris - Thanksgiving Carlos, Latoya- Snow
Davis, Ciara - Children Elliott, Ryan - Winter Foster, Cherrelle - My Favorite Sport
Graham, Deshawn - A Rainy Night Holley, Curtis - Joy Hunter, Chris - Basketball
Johnson, Kelsie - The Prefect Gift Jones, Maia - Ice Cream Jones, Treveyonne - Fall
Kelly, Keenan - 7 Feet Tall Moses, Quentin - When I Go to the Zoo Mullen, Armand - Rainy Days
Porter, Alexis - Alexis Ray, Tawanna - Signs of Courage Scott, Catherine - Life...Life...Life
Vincent, Brittany - Why, Martin Luther King? Williams, Devon - Winter Williams, Kiara - My Beautiful Heart
Williams, Tiffany - Thanksgiving

Terrell Allen

I am thankful for being blessed,
A family who cares for me.
I am thankful for being loved,
A sweet kiss, and a warm hug.
I am thankful for my room.
A bed to sleep in and food to eat

by Paris Bennett

It is a time to eat,
It is a time to watch football games,
It is a time for love and care
It is a time to meet.

LaToya Carlos

Snow is a beautiful thing in the world,
Snow is cool, soft, and smooth,
When I walk in the snow it makes a sweet noise,
When I see the beautiful snow

falling from the blue sky.

Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry.

Ciara Davis

Very smart
Full of energy
Always make things better

Ryan Elliott

Verrry cold
Filled with holidays
Lots of happy feelings

My Favorite Sport
Cherrelle Foster

Fun sport
Biggest jump shot
Working together is fun

A Rainy Night
Deshawn Graham

It began raining and blowing in the sky.

I was wondering,
"What to do here and why?"
I was crying and I said,
What did I do to get this rain all the night through?"

I was mad and sad
Because it was raining all night. I was disappointed and upset.

I decided to make it right.

Curtis Holley

As I listen and as I write,
People ask me what do I like,
So I tell them from the bottom of my heart,
I love the joyful noise when the bird chirp,
My friends and families is love,
When we ply and laugh together.

Curtis Hunter

Shoot the ball!

Dribble down the court
Be a sport

Pass the ball
Dunk the ball
Break the rim
Celebrate with a Slim Jim!

The Perfect Gift
Kelsie Johnson

I want to fly away to find the perfect gift,
Love to show my friends that I care
and it's them that I am thinking of.

Ice Cream

Maia Jones

Ice Cream
Tastes good
Very, very cold
Makes my teeth

Treveyonne Jones

So colorful
Leaves falling
Crisp and chilly air

7 feet tall
Keenan Kelly

I wish I was seven feet tall
   So I can reach the sky way up heaven,
      Where the doves chirp.
         And the angels sings
            And feel joy in my heart

When I go to the Zoo
Quentin Moses

When I go to the zoo,
I saw a gnu,
A hairy baboon, and a little fuzzy bear.
When I went to the zoo, I ate a hot dog,
a fry, and a cold orange drink.
When I went to the zoo,
I smelled hay,
a skunk, and peacock feed.
When I went to the zoo,
I heard an elephant,
a hippo, and a mean brown ape.
When I went to the zoo,
I touched a monkey,
a blue bird, and a giraffe. When I went to the zoo,
I saw, I ate, I smelled, I heard,
and I touched.
The zoo is very interesting!

Rainy Days
Armand Mullen

Happy, pleased, satisfied,
Transparent, blue, wet,
Running around and jumping in puddles,
Rain, Rain come again -

Alexis Porter

Alexis stands for peace.
Alexis stands for mind.
Alexis stand for thinking all the time.

Alexis likes to read.
Alexis likes to share.
Alexis likes to do hair.
Alexis likes to write.
Alexis likes to tell people never say you can't.

Alexis loves Virginia history.
Alexis loves her teacher.
Alexis loves her preacher.
Alexis loves her mother.
Alexis loves her father.
Alexis loves her friends.
Alexis just loves being Alexis.

Signs of Courage
The people worked the sad day...
in the fire, the flames,
in the air.

When I dream, I dream about the Twin Towers and the people who died that day...
in the fire, the flames,
in the air.

They were brave that sad day...
in the fire, the flames,
in the air.

Catherine Scott

Life is the cool feel of the winter snow.
Life is the warm feel of the summer sun.
Life is a sugar star shining in the sky,
It is very bright and very sweet,
It is a sugar treat.

Life is what you are,
Don't ever regret it.

Why, Martin Luther King?
Brittany Vincent

Why did you not just declare war?
Some people think you were a bore.

I know you wanted equal laws
And it really was a worthy cause.

But why did you have to lose your life>
Leave your children and your wife

I know they're glad you helped the world,
But what about your sons and your little girl

They have to go without your touch
I know this hurts them very much.

Imagine how it felt that day
When you were shot and went away!

Still your hep in their eyes
Nothing could be a bigger prize!

Devon Williams

Icy cold
Snow falling down
Very cold and wet

My Beautiful Heart
Kiara M. Williams

I open my heart to you and you and everyone else
My heart opens up to things I might like
I look around for someone but I can't find the right person.
So I pick no one at all.
But then I find you.

Tiffany Williams

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate,
Give thanks for family, friends and all good things.

No school of course!
Lots of food!
Eating all the good thing that grandma fixes,
and seeing loved ones from out of town.

Laying around,
Not doing anything,
Or going to the mall to buy something.

Eating turkey and stuffing,
It will be a great day.

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