I pledge that I will show my best in all I do and say.

I pledge that I will do this each and every day.

I will be honest and respectful towards everyone I see.

I will do my work and give my best-
so you'll see the best in me.

I pledge that I will share my best in all I do and say.

I pledge that I will do it
because that's the Bassette way.

- By Mrs. Kelly Freeman

A.W.E. School Song

Bassette students think to the future,
We share our work to our highest height,
Students strive to do their best,
With love we hold for you --
We are better than the rest.

The Mighty Panda is our mascot,
Green and White are the colors we wear,
With dedicated teachers,
We know we'll go far,
They will help us reach our
own Shining Star


Bassette School is the Greatest of all,
We show pride and always stand tall,
When the bell rings, We can proudly say . . .
We share our love for
Bassette each day.

Music by: Mr. Dan McFarland
Lyrics by: Samantha Berry, Tiara Britton, Elizabeth Clay, Sierra Comer, Johnny Garcia, Melissa Savage
Teacher Sponsors: Ms. Patricia Johnson, Mrs. Phyllis Cowley

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