Technology is very important at Bassette. We feel that for students and teachers to be successful technology must be utilized in the classroom. As such, here is a list of accomplishments that Bassette Elementary and its staff and students have accomplished.

All staff members have completed Levels One and Two for Technology Standards.

Each classrooms has SmartTV installed along with either DVD/VCR combination machines or regular VCRs. This allows teachers to display images from their monitors onto the TV.

Also, the school has a broadcast studio in which they display the morning announcements over the classroom TVs.

Bassette has 40 iMacs in three different labs. Twelve are in the Academy of Reading lab, eleven are in the Title One Lab and seventeen are in the Library. There are also ten iBooks that teachers can bring into their classroom along with a computer connected to an LCD presentation machine. Teacher have their own personal iMacs and two or more older Macintoshes in their room as well.

Library Lab Title 1 Lab
Academy of Reading Lab

Inspiration has been installed on computers in grades 3-5 and Accelerated Reading has been installed on all grade's computers as all as the library's.

The office has a closed curcuit TV that is playing during the school day. Important facts and dates are displayed for anyone walking into the office.

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