Welcome to all day kindergarten where the foundation for learning is laid. Your child will enjoy fun-filled days packed with reading, writing, math, social studies and science. Daily, your child will tell you about the exciting things they have learned.

We encourage a strong home/school connection. We look forward to working with you and your child!

Mrs. Dawn Barton - Team Leader
Mrs. Marla McFarlane
Mrs. Crystal Sizemore
Mrs. Donna Coster - Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Ruth Riley - Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Marian Thomas - Teacher Assistant

First grade is an exciting year full of growth. Students learn to read, and write for a purpose. The best way to prepare you child to succeed in first grade is to read, read, read!

We also to do a lot of writing in first grade. Writing and reading go and in hand. First grade math is challenging. By the end of first grade the student will be able to:

  • add and subtract numbers through 18
  • skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's
  • say, write and read numbers to 100
  • identify fractions
  • identify and count money to the $1.00

We send out weekly newsletters of all skills for the week which include the homework assignments for the week. You can expect homework Monday through Thursday.

A successful year in first grade must include parent and teacher communication. If your have any questions about your child or the work they are doing, please contact his or her teacher immediately.

Thank you and welcome!

Ms. Jonnielle Featherston, Team Leader
Mrs. Maude Casey
Ms. Monica Dancy
Ms. Patricia Johnson, Reading Specialist
Mrs. Sherry Berkley, Teacher Assistant

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Second Grade. We are looking forward to working with your child and providing him or her with mant new experiences. Our curriculum is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning.

In preparation for the Degree of Reading Power test, our students will practice cloze passages extensively. You can assist us in preparing our students by having them to read, read, and read! Our students will also have to take the Phonological Awarness Literacy Screening Test and the Cognitive Ability Test.

It is imperative that each sudent have the necessary school supplies. A supply list is always available in the school office.

We are looking forward to working with our students and parents. Our partnership is necessary for the educational growth for our students.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Barnedia Durrah - Team Leader
Katrina Brown
Marcie Nettleton
Sandy Robinson

Welcome to third grade at A.W.E. Bassette Elementary School.

Our third grade team Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Buckley, Mrs. Hedgepeth, and Ms. Putzke look forward to helping their students prepare for the S.O.L. test in May, for fourth grade, and for their futures.

You will have two different teachers in Third grade. Your assigned teacher will teach you Math and Language Arts in the morning. In the afternoon, we switch classes for Science and Social Studies. Mrs. Foster and Ms. Putzke specialize in science while Mrs. Hedgepeth and Mrs. Buckley specialize in Social Studies.

We expect a lot from our students. We will help you to read and write more fluently. We work hard to strengthen your addition and subtraction while teaching you to multiply and divide. We will be conducting experiments and investigating our nation's history.

We expect you to complete your work to the best of your ability, behave yourself, and listen and follow directions the first time they are given.

We look forward to a wonderful year of learning!

Mrs. Foster
Mrs. Buckley
Mrs. Hedgepeth
Ms. Puztke

Welcome to the Fourth Grade:

The fourth grade team. Ms. McRae, Mr. Barnes, and Mr. Walston are looking forward to guiding your child through an exciting and successful year. In order for us to be successful we need you, the parent's committment to help achvieve the S.O.L skills in the fifth grade.

You can help your child accomplish these skill by:

  • Being available. Be on hand to simplify directions or answer questions.
  • Encouraging homework. Homework can help students learn. When students review materials at home, they remember it longer and understand it better.
  • Keeping up with your child's daily classwork and homework.
  • Making sure your child is organized by having all materials listed on the fourth grade supply list.
  • If you need helo working with your child ask for it. We are avaiable to assist you.
We look for an exciting learning year.

Ms. McRae - Team Leader
Mr. Barnes
Mr. Walston

Hello!! Welcome to Grade 5!!

This will be a very important year for you, and we are here to make it as fun and successful as we possibly can.Our main objective is helping you pass all of your SOL tests!!

We do things a little bit differently in 5th grade because we are departmentalized. You will have a homeroom teacher who will teach all the Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Language). You will then be taught Math by Mrs. Pugh, Virginia History by Mrs. Johnson, and Science by Mrs. Fulp. Students always enjoy having different teachers, so I bet you will too!

Please make sure you have a 3 ring binder with subject dividers, plenty of paper, and the other items listed on the Grade 5 list. Most of all, begin the year with the idea that...I came, I saw, and I CONQUERED!! If you believe it, you WILL achieve it!!

Mrs.Suzanne Pugh- Team Leader
Mrs. Marva Fulp
Mrs. Connie Johnson

Bassette has a full time Registered Nurse as a member of the staff. The nurse runs a clinic to care for illness and injuries, preforms hearing and vision screenings, distributes prescribed medications, updates immunizations, and shares her medical expertise with parents and staff.

Nurse Pierce

Hello and welcome to our wonderful school. The guidance office is located near the Media Center. The door is always open to students, parents, and teachers. I work with students in groups and individually. Each month I teach a lesson on a character trait to classes. I provide hugs, support, and encouragement to all of our Bassette Family. I work with school staff and the home to ensure that your child has a successful learning experience. I invite you to stop by school to see me or call me at 727-1703. A strong home/school partnership provides a strong student.

Lonna Horeth J
Guidance Couselor

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