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Greetings, you have reached the webpage of the Shire of Berley Cort, Kingdom of Atlantia. This is a chapter of the Society for the Creative Anachronism, which is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the study of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, between the years 600-1600. We are located in Cities of (Southern) Suffolk and Franklin, and the counties of Greenville, Isle of Wight, Southhampton, Sussex and Surry in Virginia.

Contents of the webpage include:
Newcomer Resources. A Brief Introduction to the SCA and a few different articles that provide helpful information.
Calendar Page. A link to the Middle and Eastern Virginia Region Calendar Page.
Our Regnum. A list of the Officers of the Shire of Berley Cort.
The History Page. A brief History of the Shire of Berley Cort.
Internet Resources. Links page with lots of links that may be of interest to those interested in the SCA.

Monthly business meetings are held at 2 p.m., on the second Sunday of the month, excepting May, when we meet on the 3rd Sunday so families can spend time together for Mother's Day.

The meetings are held at the homes of members. For information on meeting places you may contact the Seneschale at 757-242-4742, and leave a message, as the meeting location changes from month to month.

If you desire more information you can contact our Seneschale (President) or mail us at

Lisa Kirkham
8323 Joyners Bridge Rd
Windsor VA 23487


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