Beltane XXII April 25-27, 2003 Shire of Berley Cort

Site: Hancock Farm, 14583 Cottage Hill Road, Sedley, Va. 23878

Restrictions: Opens at 5 p.m. on Friday, and closes at 3 p.m. on Sunday. Site is VERY DISCREETLY wet, NO original container, and anyone who is drinking MUST have a non-drinking Designated Driver. Please contact the Autocrat regarding pets. The site is VERY primitive. Bring your own water.

Autocrat: Lady Anne Davis Harwood(Patti Watkinson). (Contact info removed after event.)

There will be Target Archery, weather permitting. Archery Practice will begin at 1 p.m., with shoots beginning at 2 p.m. This may vary slightly depending on the # of archers participating. The Archer Marshall would appreciate it if the Archers would call her, prior to April 18th, so we can plan accordingly. Herridr, mka Lisa Kirkham. nlt 10 p.m. 757-242-4742 Please leave a message.

Fees: Members are: Adults $10 for the weekend, children 6 -12 are $6, and children 5 and under are guests of the Shire. Daytrippers are adults $6, children $4. These prices include feast. For Beltain-campers, there will be a $1 fee to take part in activities at Hero's Portion (to cover the additional per-person fee to the Boy Scouts). Archers: arriving at 1p.m. for archery ONLY: $3 and this does NOT include Feast. Non Members add $3 to the above prices. Reservations must to be submitted by April 18th. PLEASE REMEMBER - if you do not have your membership card with you, you will be charged the Non-member fee. Please send reservations to the Autocrat, and make checks payable to "The Shire of Berley Cort, SCA Inc"

Also, both the Shire of Berley Cort Seneschale, and the Barony of Marinus' Baroness Rosine' have a way of the other telling whether the person is already paid at the other event - so we can VISIT the other event without any additional fee other than those already posted.


From Norfolk: Take 264 to 58 in Suffolk. Take the Petersburg exit to 460 West. Go through Windsor and Zuni to Ivor, where you take a left at the stoplight and follow directions at*

From Newport News/Hampton: Take the James River Bridge to Smithfield, and 258 South to Windsor. At the 258/460 junction, turn right onto 460 West, go through Zuni to Ivor, where you take a left at the stoplight, and follow directions at *

From Williamsburg: Take the Scotland Ferry to Surrey, Va. and go South to Wakefield, Va. Take a Left onto 460 East, a right at the stoplight in Ivor, and follow directions at*

From Petersrsburg: Come to Ivor on 460 East, turn right at the light, and follow directions at *

* That puts you on Rt. 616 - go 5 miles, through Berlin, and take the first left after you pass the Nottoway School on your left, onto Cottage Hill Road, which is Rt 641. Go 2 miles and turn down the dirt road on the left. - there will be signs. Follow the path all the way to the back field. All others (i.e. from the South) contact the Autocrat (Lady Anne) for appropriate directions.