A Brief History of the
Shire of Berley Cort.

The present Shire of Berley Cort began as a Canton by the name of Courtland on the Sedley under the auspicies of the Barony of Caer Mear, in the EAST Kingdom late in 1979.

The name would not pass, due to both places mentioned being current towns, so the name was changed to Berley Cort, using part of the words Berlin, Sedley, and Courtland, where the founding members lived and grew up.

The first event - All Hallow's - was held in late October, 1981, and the second event was Beltane in April of 1982. The Shire has continued to have these two events each year; for 22 years now. All Hallow's is on the last weekend of October, and Beltane on the last weekend of April.

Our focus is mainly on Arts and Sciences, although we do have Target Archery at the events, weather permitting.

With the advent of the Kingdom of Atlantia, we became part of this Kingdom, and in the Winter of 1991 - 92 became an independant Shire.

As with any group, the membership has fluctuated somewhat over the years. However, of the original 5 members, 3 members and their families are still active. We remain a small, family oriented Shire.

Monthly business meetings are held at 2 p.m., on the second Sunday of the month, excepting May, when we meet on the 3rd Sunday so families can spend time together for Mother's Day.

The meetings are held at the homes of members. For information on meeting places you may contact the Seneschalee at 757-242-4742, and leave a message, as the meeting location changes from month to month.

In Service to Shire and Crown,
Herridr Freyugydja Ogvaldsdottir

Event Archives:
Beltane XXII.
All Hallows XXIII