Rencester Bios
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Iollann mac a Phearsoin's crest

Iollann mac a Phearsoin (Sean Pearson)

Iollann mac a Phearsoin is a Celt from the 12th century Lienster. Not much else is know about his persona. He has, in the past, autocratted four events, was Rencester's Exchequer, Tir-y-Don's first Minister of Minors and Berley Cort's Webminister, as well as Rencester Webminister for four years. Check out his SCA Resume for more details.

Mundanely, sean is a recent graduate of the College of William and Mary. He is seeking a Technology Integration position so he can help bring in technology into the classroom.

Caoilinn (Keelin) Mirymuth's crest

Lady Caoilinn (Keelin) Mirymuth (Erin Epperson)

In the College of Rencester group, Keelin is the Exchequer, keeper of the listserv, a fencer, and she leads and sings in the Rencester Singers. She loves anything music related and Keelin also likes to do embroidery. Keelin is the current Tir-y-don Baronial Fencing Champion. She also was the Autocrat for the last Rencester event.

Mundanely, Erin is a religion and physics double major at the College of William and Mary. Outside of the SCA she is an avid scifi/fantasy fan and likes to role-play. She is also active in the the Alternative Spirituality Association and Interfaith Council. When not seen studying like mad for classes or in one of the above activities, she can be found playing on the computer or reading scifi-fantsy or religion books or doing something music related.

Mattaeus Dupuy (Marc Lauterbach)

Mattaues is a mid-to-late 16th century nobleman from the town of Puy in south-central France, though he is sometimes mistaken for his grandfather (coincidentally of the same name, who lived from 1470 until 1525 when he was killed at the battle of Pavia). Mattaeus is of Huguenot descent, and as such is quick to take up arms in defense of his faith. He has travelled extensively abroad to rally support for the cause (which may explain his proficiency in both English as well as French), and is currently a past Champion of the college, soon to be Herald as well.

Mundanely, Marc is a History and Sociology double major (though that is subject to change) who plans on attending law school in the not-too-distant future. His interests include anything Medieval (especially warfare and politics) and enjoys fighting both heavy and light in defense of the Barony.

Lady Rebekah of Samandar (Rebecca Simmons)

Rebekah is gradually solidifying a persona as a Khazar, c. 10th-century. She dabbles in all kinds of arts and sciences, especiall sewing, soapmaking and cooking, and is currently Tir-y-Don's Baronial Artisan. On a more martial note, she hopes to take up archery someday! In the meantime, Rebekah's the Seneschal at Rencester, and hopes to find an able and eager deputy in the coming months. (Volunteers?)

Mundanely, as she works to graduate at the end of 2004, Rebecca is majoring in (bio) Anthropology, studies apes, loves books and drawing (etc, etc) and is an affirmed Internet junkie.

Alyna of the Ilex (Holly Lang)

I am Alyna of the Ilex, mundanely known as Holly Lang. Currently I hold the Mistress of Dance position in the College of Rencester. Yes, dancing is fun, easy, a great way to meet people, AND flirt flagrantly with guys or gals! My other SCAdian interests are many, feel free to contact me with questions, music or dance requests, and ideas.

In my "other life", I am completing a masters in Ornithology.