Below you will find meeting notes for each of the meetings for the College of Rencester. This page will be updated when the notes go on the Rencester listerv and are provided for those not on the listserv. The uppermost notes are more recent.

Old Minutes: Spring 2003. Fall 2003.

Monday March 1st, 2004

  1. Several bits of post-event business:
    -Marc as autocrat thanked everyone for a great event!
    -I'd like to ask all my wonderful servers to return your tabards at the next meeting--I can wash 'em.
    -Victoria has some utensils left behind; if you're missing yours, please contact her (vahowe@wm.edu I believe).
    -We'll have a *brief* post-mortem meeting at the beginning of next Monday's meeting (so at 7). Anyone with constructive commentary, please bring it in bulleted form; the idea is to go through this quickly!
  2. Tentative Autocrat volunteers for next year's event: Carrie and Alyna. Thank you! Victoria has also tentatively voltunteered to consider cooking feast again, possibly with a co-chef this time.

  3. Next week we'll be having a wire-weaving class taught by Sebastian. If you are going to participate and not just listen, please bring about 5 dollars to the meeting for materials costs!

  4. If you have a receipt from Rencester's event, you need to contact Keelin ASAP!

  5. Hope to see everyone for our next meeting, and for practice Sunday--Barksdale if the weather's good (keep your eyes open for more emails on that this week).

Monday March 1st, 2004

  1. To recap yesterday's Rencester business:
    Schedule for March
    1: Business
    8: Spring break/ no meeting
    15: A&S: Dance, a pre-run of event dance stuff 22: Bardic!
    29: A&S: Wire weaving. Bring around 5 dollars if you can for supplies, please!!
  2. If anyone needs rides to Kingdom Arts & Sciences, try emailing the Rencester list ASAP (it's coming up soon!) and, if that doesn't work, Campfire. If you still don't get anything, email me and I'll find ya something!

  3. FIGHTER'S PRACTICE LOCATION: For the next two Sundays, practice will be in the open space behind Trinkle (the building may well be closed for Spring Break). We'll have Trinkle back at the end of March, then we'll be moving into Barksdale in April for more visibility as usual. Further bulletins as we get closer to...

  4. Checks for reservations for Rencester's event should go to Erin. Her CSU box is 1318; checks need to be made out to The College of Rencester, SCA Inc. The fee: On-site is $4, with $5 added if you also intend to sit feast (for a total of 9) and $3 added if you are not currently a member to whatever your previous total is. Get 'em in soon while it's still these prices!

  5. Carrie is looking for people to sit at a table at Kingdom Arts & Sciences and take reservations for Rencester's event. Contact her at cagro2@wm.edu if you're interested.

  6. I'm looking for servers for Rencester's event. If you're interested, email me at rebecca@simmons.net. Servers can eat the feast scraps without paying for feast--it's a good deal! Also, if someone wants to serve head table, I'm more than happy to teach you and have you do that.

Monday February 2nd, 2004

  1. First of all, the February schedule:
    2/2: Business and dance
    2/9: Arts and Sciences: Unfinished Object Night (UFO): bring whatever you're working on, sewing machines if you can, and we'll share advice and equipment if necessary and work on garb or other projects. Or, bring some fabric and start something!
    2/16: Bardic--bring a song or story to share, or listen
    2/23: Arts & Sci: Heraldry night. If you have a resource on heraldry, bring it; we will have several.

    Monday meetings will be at 7 in Tucker 2nd floor. Also, on Sundays we will continue having Fighters' Practice in Trinkle, starting at noon. It's indoors, so don't worry about the weather!

  2. If anyone from Rencester is interested in the process of deciding who will represent the Barony in performing arts at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences festival in March, please come to the Business Meeting this Wednesday. A decision will be made at that point!

  3. If any of the Rencesterites needs a ride to either the Baronial Business Meeting, University (this weekend), Ymir or Ice Axe (the weekend following), please email the Rencester list (rencester-l@wm.edu).

  4. If you're interested in being a deputy Webminister and taking over that role, please talk to Sean ASAP. Additionally, Erin is looking for one of the Rencester Singers to step into that leadership role as she nears graduation. Lastly, I will be looking for a deputy Seneschal--not of immediate importance (still a year left!) but keep it in mind and talk to me if you're interested.

  5. Rencester's Celebration of Spring has a pre-reg date of 3/6. The event itself is 3/20. If you are interested in being Head Troll, please contact the autocrats (Marc and Carrie). If you are interested in cooking, please talk to Victoria!

  6. Megan Poppe reminds all the ladies interested in the Ladies' Artillery Society that she is hoping to go to Armory next Tuesday (no not today). If you need a ride please contact her in advance (cs_foxglove@yahoo.com). Also, she's taking reservations for Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival, which Tir-y-Don is hosting the first weekend in March.