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The SCA is a social and educational organization that specializes in the thousand years of history before 1600 (called period). Members recreate the special skills and customs of that time, while enjoying the company of others with similar interests, essentially, bringing the middle ages into the modern world. For more detailed information please visit Forward into the Past: An Introductory Guide to the SCA, the Life in the Current Middle Ages page on the SCA website and the SCA Glossary of Terms

GARB: For fun, and to create an authentic atmosphere, SCA members wear costumes in keeping with their particular SCA personas. Most members have an SCA name different from their real name, and a personal history accompanying that persona. Gypsies, minstrels, heralds, peasants may all be at a large event. Those who earned the titles Knights or Royalty may also be there. Check out the pattern for the simplest piece of garb the T-Tunic.

FEAST: The SCA tries to make its events as medieval as possible, and that includes the food. Feast (dinner) is served according to medieval recipes and in a medieval style, on long tables lit by candles. Many people bring their own wooden or metal dishes (called feast gear) and take part in the singing, dancing and general Festivity that usually accompanies the meal.

FIGHTING: Skill with a sword, bow or staff was one of the most important accomplishments for a citizen of the middle ages. The SCA revives these skills in its orders of rank, and several of the most popular activities is reenacting the sword and rapier fighting as well as archery and siege weapons. The warrior who demonstrates the greatest prowess on the field becomes King when the Crown Tourney is held twice a year.

ETIQUETTE: Courtesy is appreciated everywhere, but in the SCA it is done medieval-style. Typically SCA members address each other as "my lord" or "my lady." Persons of high rank (who wear crowns or coronets) may have any number of titles. If you're not sure of a person's rank, "my lord/lady" is always a safe fallback.

EVENTS: An event is an occasion for SCA members to slip out of the 21st century for a while. Any excuse will do. Events range from small, informal storytellings to massive war reenactments involving hundreds or thousands of participants. An event may (or may not) include any of the items listed above, as well as dozens of other activities which are not mentioned.