Making a Basic T-Tunic

by Lady Brigit MacDonald.

  1. Fold fabric in half along the salvage edge.

    Fold One

  2. Check to make sure if the salvages match at the cut edge to ensure a straight fold.
  3. Fold in half again along grain of fabric.

    Fold Two

  4. Layout either a finished T-tunic or favorite T-shirt along the folds. (Make sure to fold pattern garment in half from neck to waist.)

    Fold Three

  5. Trace out desired shape. (Remember seam allowance.)
  6. Cut out tunic - including neck.
  7. To make interface neck do the following:
    1. Cut square of fabric the size you want.
    2. Place T-tunic on top (Remember to open T-tunic all the way.)
    3. Pin thoroughly around the neck hole.
    4. Sew and remove pins.
    5. Cut notches and turn inside out, then iron.
    6. Fold under raw edges and sew.

    Folds 4-5

  8. Add trim.
  9. Sew side seams.
  10. Pin and sew hems.
  11. Put on and wear.