Regnum of the College of Rencester

Barony of Tir-y-Don, Kingdom of Atlantia
Link to Atlantian Seneschal Page Seneschal

Rebecca Simmons.
Lady Rebekah of Samandar

Chief administrative officer of the Society for the group, which includes coordinating the other group officers as required for the smooth operation of the group. They typically run the local meetings, and administer the operation of the group, reporting on group activities as required to the other officers of the kingdom. What that translates out to is they become the group's representative to the outside world, both modern and SCA.

Link to Atlantian Heralds' Page Herald

Marc Lauterbach
Mattaeus du Puy

The Atlantian College of Heralds exists to provide heraldic services to the Crown and the people of Atlantia; to allow individuals interested in heraldry to improve their knowledge and skills while serving the Kingdom; and to continue to advance the Kingdom's and the Society's knowledge and practice of heraldry.

Link to Atlantian MoAS's Page Minister of Arts and Sciences

Megan Gallagher.
Maeve MacBradaigh

They are the link for putting would-be artisans and scientists together with people that can help them. They are also in a postition to recommend and assist individuals in your group to get that recognition for the work they are doing.

Link to Atlantian Exchequers' Page Chancellor of the Exchequer

Erin Epperson.
Lady Caoilinn (Keelin) Mirymuth

The exchequer shall act as the treasurer of the local chapter of the SCA Inc. The exchequer is responsible for filing all quarterly and year-end reports required by the Kingdom Exchequer and Society. Please read our Financial Policy.

Link to Atlantian Chatelaine's Page Chatelaine

Carrie Gross
Magdalena la Nadie

The Chatelaine is ultimately responsible for promoting the recruitment and retention of newcomers, and the administrative functions involved thereof. At times the office is also looked to for expertise in dealing with the media. A Chatelaine's guidance and leadership can influence attitudes or initiate policies that will strongly impact the growth and well-being of their kingdom. This officer is also usually responsible, working with the seneschal, for public relations and media contacts.

Webminister Badge Web Minister

Sean Pearson.

In change of maintaining the webpage of the College of Rencester.

Dance Mistress. Badge NOT
offical. Dance Mistress

Holly Lang
Alyna of the Ilex

In charge of running the dances whenever we get enough guys to dance.

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