Teacher Resources

Listed below are tutorials and cheat sheets that I have created. Complied by Sean Pearson. Copyright 2003-2004. All rights reserved. Free copies may be made for educational purposes only. Most open with Adobe Reader or Inspiration, unless otherwise noted. You can download both free. Note: All Standards of Learning (SoL) refer to those for Virginia and are current as of 2002.

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Address Book Setup This tutorial explains how to set up the address book in Outlook Express 5.0 for Macintosh. It was written for the Hampton City, VA school system but can be applied to other groups with the proper search base and ldap server. Adobe Reader
Error Analysis These tutorials illustrate error analysis by creating a chart to graph your data. Click the appropriate link below to obtain the instructions. The template works with both versions.

Excel 97 for Macintosh. Excel 2000 for Windows. Template.
Adobe Reader

Jeopardy Games
The ReadMe file illustrates how to adapt the examples provided to create your own Jeopardy Games using Inspiration. While the original template came from Mrs. Krug at Inspiration, the explanation and changes to content are mine. The examples are Jeopardy games that cover all of the third, fourth, and fifth SoLs.

Macintosh Version Windows Version (These are zipped files.)
Macintosh Cheat Sheet This is a cheat sheet that illustrates some common keyboard shortcuts for the Apple Macintosh computer. Adobe Reader
Microsoft PowerPoint These tutorials show the many options for creating a presentation with PowerPoint. Click the appropriate link below to obtain the tutorial. Each tutorial is about twenty pages and contains many illustrations.

PowerPoint 97 for Macintosh Tutorial. PowerPoint 2000 for Windows Tutorial.
Adobe Reader
Setting up a Monthly Calendar This tutorial illustrates how to utilize Word to set up a monthly calendar. Click the appropriate link below to obtain the tutorial.

Word 97 for Macintosh Word 2000 for Windows
Adobe Reader
Utilizing a Search Engine This tutorial introduces search engines and then illustrates their various uses. While AltaVista is used for the example, any search engine could be used. PowerPoint
Webpage Creation This tutorial utilizes Adobe Go Live 5 for Macintosh to create a very simple no frills webpage. Adobe Reader

Other Resources
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Black History Month This presentation shows photos of famous African Americans. The presentation can be shown on a closed circuit TV system with information provided via voiceover. PowerPoint
Economics Presentation This presentation illustrates some of the economics standards for the second grade SoLs. For more of my economics presentations, please view the ACT 2 Online Projects page. PowerPoint
Five Regions of Virginia Webquest The goal of this webquest is to enable Virginia students to gain more knowledge of their state's regions. This covers the fourth grade SoLs for Social Studies and English. Internet
Literary Skills These are mini posters that encompass the following literary skills: Generalization, Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, Setting, Theme, Fact and Opinion, Context Clues, Steps in a Process, Summarizing, Main Idea and Supporting Details, Conclusion, Visualizing, and Sequence.

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Adobe Reader (for litskills.pdf)

PrintMaster Silver 11 (for all others)
Multiplication Tricks This document illustrates tricks on how to learn the 0, 1, 5, 9, and 10 times tables. Adobe Reader
Educational Internet Resources This webpage lists educational Internet resources that I discovered during my time teaching. As of October 25, 2004 no more links will be added to this page. Also, this webpage may not work when using Internet Explorer on a Macintosh. Internet
Rounding This document is a review on how to round whole numbers. Adobe Reader
Simple Machines This Inspiration document illustrates and defines simple machines. It covers the simple machines section of the third grade Science SoLs.

Winzip Version StuffIt Version (These are zipped files.)
Schedule Clipart This document contains four pages of clip art that can be mounted on index cards and laminated. Then a magnet can be taped on the back of each to create a movable schedule. Adobe Reader
Story Map Template This is an Inspiration document that can be used to create a story map template.
Winzip Version StuffIt Version (These are zipped files.)
Verbs This document is a review sheet for past and present tense verbs. Adobe Reader
Year End Report Card This is a report card that students can fill out at the end of the year/semester to grade their teacher. Adobe Reader