My Silence
My Pain

Program Formats

"My Silence, My Pain" is a play designed to bring social awareness about the adverse effects of childhood sexual abuse. This production is presented in three different formats that are designed to complement an array of program needs. Below you will find a description of these options along with the fees.

(1) Lecture Format

Includes one presenter and 5 actors. The speaker will define child sex abuse and its effects while the actors give situational demonstrations which are exerts from the play "My Silence, My Pain." The speaker will also discuss the long-term effects of child sex abuse on adults who have been abused as children and lead a discussion presenting the most current and up to date research. This format includes a panel of professionals who work with sexually abused children to enhance the learning time. This is a very emotional presentation for the participants. The information coupled with the acting has a powerful impact.

Presentation Time: 30 min

(2) Discussion Format

This format is a 40 minute dramatization of the production My Silence, My Pain. This production includes stage backdrop and props that look like a home and seven actors. This format takes the viewing audience on a journey demonstrating a seemingly typical family to the explosive moment when the truth is told, leaving the audience with a spell bounded, gut-wrenching experience of what it must be like to deal with such an issue. A professional panel accompanies this format to answer all questions about childhood sexual abuse. This format is perfect for conferences and community outreach/awareness programs.

Presentation/discussion Time: 1hr

(3) Full Production Format

This is a full production of the play "My Silence, My Pain." The production includes 12 actors, 11 scenes, 4 production crew members, musicians, stage props including, jail, church and court scene. Experience this little girl's secret, as it becomes the family's pain. Watch the powerful courage that empowers the family for change. This format demonstrates the complexity of childhood sexual abuse and is complete with a resolution at the end. This format is best for community awareness and commercial performances but can be good for other programming needs.

Presentation Time: 1hr, 30min.