My Silence
My Pain


To promote awareness about childhood safety issues by presenting a play about the adverse effects of childhood sexual abuse.


Every fifty-four minutes a child is abused in the State of Virginia. One in three girls are victims of sexual abuse by age eighteen. One in seven boys are violated by the age of eighteen. In 1998, approximately 10,000 children were involved in founded cases of child abuse. Fourteen percent of these children were victims of sexual abuse.

"My Silence, My Pain "

"My Silence, My Pain" is a play designed to bring social awareness about the adverse affects of childhood sexual abuse. This dramatic arts presentation is a teaching play that incorporates information and facts along with a professional panel discussion at the end of the presentation. The play is based on a true story and was written with consultation from sexually abused victims.

About the Play

The play evolves around a typical middle class three generation family. Mr. Rochelle, the father, is the perpetrator. In the past, he made attempts on his oldest daughter, Tracy, but was not very successful. Now that his younger daughter, Torre, is coming of age, Tracy is concerned that the same things will happen to her. The saviors in this play are the visiting uncle and Tracy, however, the hero is the grandmother who finally decides to break her silence and share her pain in an attempt to heal her family.

About the Organization

Family & Youth Foundations is a community-based change agent organization developed to improve the mental health and quality of life for the citizens of the communities that it serves. It attempts to meet its goals by offering community- based programs, individual, family, group and organizational consultation. Family & Youth Foundations also provides community-based forums and develops program materials that facilitate early prevention.

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