My Silence
My Pain

Previous Performances

April 27, 2001 Hampton City Schools
Hampton High School Auditorium
Hampton, Virginia
April 4, 2002 Isle of Wight County Department of Social Services
The Smithfield Center
Smithfield, Virginia
May 28, 2002 Norfolk State University-School of Social Work
Field Supervisor Training
Norfolk, Virginia
June 21, 2002 Heritage High School- Auditorium
Newport News, Virginia
October 3-4, 2002 Virginia's 21st Annual Student Rally
"The Many Faces of Social Work"
Massanetta Spring Conference Center
Harrisonburg, Virginia
October 10-11, 2002 NICOSTY/CCOYS 19th Annual Conference
"Finding Peace in Troubled Times"
Chesapeake, Virginia
March 8-11, 2003 Nation Association of Social Worker- VA
2003 Annual Continuing Education Conference
"Social Work: On the Cutting Edge"
Roanoke, Virginia
April 2, 2003 Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Virginia
April 23-28, 2003 National Association of Black Social Worker
35th Annual Conference
Tampa, Florida
August 13-16, 2003 National Independent Living Conference for Adults and Youth
16th Annual Conference
"Growing Pains"
Orlando, Florida
November 7-8, 2003 One Child One Church
18th Annual Virginia Conference