My Silence
My Pain


  • The straightforward message presented in this play gave me a fuller understanding. - Cassandra Hoffman Mason, Family Systems Inc.
  • The play was very informative and I pray it will play again in Newport News.
  • The Song- My Silence, My Pain-destined for a hit!
  • The message the play gave. The props were wonderful. The whole play was wonderful and I wish you much success with your play. I also liked the way you engaged the audience for participation. - Shanita Garner
  • I enjoyed the direct approach to enlighten the audience of this horrific offence. There wasn't anything I disliked. - Rose Garcia
  • I liked everything about the play including the questions and answers at the end. - Beverly Washington
  • The play put across the exact structure of what the forum was about. - Linda J. Banks.
  • Attending this seminar made childhood sexual abuse seem more personal to me than reading about various acts in the newspaper.
  • The play was excellent, relevant, and thought-provoking.
  • The material was presented in a way that is guaranteed to have an impact on the audience.
  • The play was extremely powerful!! Excellent job!! Beautifully presented!!
  • The emotions it evoked. The presentation was very powerful! A 'live' presentation helps me empathize with the emotions.
  • The presentation was very well organized. It was very nice. Everything was wonderful, great. -Tasha William
  • The presentation was really helpful to me, it makes me want to talk about my situation. It helped me a lot. Thanks for having this play, it gives me hope for the future. - sign, "Silent Victim"
  • The play was excellent and presented a great deal of compelling information/ to help families identify abuse in the home.
  • The combination of tonight's presentation was very creative and informative. power of the drama! The message was truly needed and clearly presented. -Tee.
  • How the people did their act. I would like to be a drama actor soon. I didn't want the act to end because it was wonderful. - Latonya Brown.