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Allemande Swiss Cotillion cotillion


1-4 Hds face cpl on R (sides turn to face them forming diagonal
lines of 4 facing 4)); set once moving fwd & fall back
5-8 Exchange places with opposite passing R shldr and all turn
R to face same people
9-12 Allemand R with opposite, 1-1/2 times round
13-16 Allemand L with partner returning to place
17-32 Repeat, sides facing cpl on their R to begin


Grand Round: All set, rigadoon, and chasse L. Set, rigadoon, and
chasse R back to place

Moulinet:W set twice moving in (and slightly to the left). RH across
once round to placesM set twice moving fwd (and slightly to the right).
LH across once round.

Promenade: With partner, take R in R with L hands joined behind M's back.
Promenade 1/2 way round and on last four counts, W turn c'wise under raised
R arm*. Promenade to place and W turn again under raised arm.

Grand Chain: Beginning with partner, chain all the way round, 4 counts
to a hand-giving.

*When doing an overhead allemande, the man should place the raised hand
directly over the W's head.

Apley House lw dpl

A 1-4 1st M & 2nd M join hands and fall back a dbl
Come fwd turning single R
5-8 1st W & 2nd W do the same
B 1-8 1st and 2nd cpls R hands across 1/2 way, all turn single (M
2nd cpl, followed by 1st cpl, cast off and form line of 4
facing up (2's in the middle)
C 1-8 All join hands, lead up a dbl and back; 1's fall into 1st place
1st cpl cast off and cross over while 2nd cpl lead up and cross

Barbarinii's Tambourine lw dpl

A1 1st crnrs cast and fig 8 thru standing corners ending in opposite
corner's place (pass L shldr in center)
A2 2nd corners the same (passing R shldrs)
B1 All step back a single, come fwd and cross with prtnr, all turn away
from neighbor into Back to back with neighbor. Back to back with partner
B2 R&L four changes. 2 HT partner

Bare Necessities 3 cpl circle P. Shaw

A1 1-4 W R hands across once round
5-8 M L hands across once round
A2 1-6 3 changes of grand chain (1/2 round, 2 waltz stps per chnge)
7-8 Taking L hands, M twirl prtnr c.w. under joined hands, finish in
ballroom hold
B1 1-2 with prtnr, 2 chasse steps to center
3-4 all face out (W R hand in M's L) all balance away from &
toward prtn
5-6 In ballroom hold, take 2 chasse steps away from center
7-8 Facing center (W L H in M's R) all balance away from & toward prtnr,
finish taking hands six
C 1-4 Circle L half way (to orig pl)
5-8 All face prtnr & gypsy (R shldr) continue on past own place &
pass orig crnr R shldr & turn R into new place with new prtnr (Note:
W turn R to take R H for next round of dance)

Barham Down lw dpl (impr)

A1 1-4 1st cpl cast down as 2's lead up, all arm R once round with
facing dancer, turn partner
1/2 by L hand
A2 1-4 Repeat, with 2's casting dwn & 1's leading up
B1 1-4 1st cpl cross and cast, 1/2 fig 8 up thru 2's finishing
between 2's in line of 4 facing up*
B2 1-4 All lead up 3 steps, back 3 steps, 2's assist 1's to cast off
* The 2's should help the 1's around with an assisted cast in the 1/2 fig. 8

The Bonny Cuckoo lw 4cpl set

Gail Ticknor

A1 1-4 1st cpl dwn center below 3rd cpl, cast up one pl (2's up)
5-8 1st cpl cross by R H, & change with 3rd cpl on side, L H
A2 1-4 4th cpl up center above 3rd cpl, cast dwn one pl (1's dwn)
5-8 4th cpl cross, R H; and change with 3rd cpl on side, L H
B1 1-4 All circle left, 12 steps
5-6 All balance in to center and out
7-8 W dance in 3 steps, fall back 3, moving R; While M fall back 3,
fwd 3, moving L.
B2 1-4 All circle right, 12 steps
5-6 All balance in to center & back
7-8 All turn partner to prog places proper (order: 2,3,4,1)

Childgrove lw dpl (impr)

A1 1-4 All side R with partner
5-8 All back-to-back L shldr with partner
A2 1-4 1's face dwn, 2's up, side L with neighbor
5-6 All back-to-back R shldr on the sides
B1 1-4 2-hand turn same person 1-1/2 times (skipping)
5-8 All turn partners once round (walking)
B2 1-8 1st cpl dance fig 8 through 2's

Elverton Grove lw douple

Walsh 1712 (A reinterpretaion of the original dance by John Millar)

A1 1-8 All turn single, balance fwd & back, cross over changing
with partner
A2 1-8 Repeat to end in original places
B1 1-4 Men lead thru the ladies
5-8 Ladies lead thru the men
9-12 1st cpl 1/2 fig 8 dwn thru the 2's
13-14 All set once
15-18 2nd cpl 1/2 fig 8 up thru the 1's
19-22 1st cpl cast off & cross as 2nd cpl leads up crossing

Fair & Softly lw dpl c. 1728

A 1-2 Taking hands in lines, all set (M to the L&R, W to the R&L)
3-8 1's cast off (2 move up), lead thru next cpl below and cast back to
progr place facing up (2's face dwn)
B1 1-4 Beginning with neighbor, 2 changes of R&L; pass neighbor R shldr
and 2HT prtnr 1/2
5-8 2's lead dwn, cast up and stay facing up. 1's face dwn.
B2 1-4 1's with neighbor below, 2 changes of R&L, pass neighbor R shldr
& 2 HT prtnr 1/2
5-8 2's lead up thru cpl above and cast back to progressed place

The Geud Man of Ballangigh lw dpl

A1 1-4 1st cpl lead thru 2's and cast back to place
5-8 M lead thru W
A2 1-4 2nd cpl lead thu 1's and cast back to place
5-8 W lead thru M
B1 1-4 1st M set to 2nd W & TS back to place
5-8 1st W set to 2nd M and TS back to place
B2 1-8 1's & 2's circ half, fall back into lines; set &
cross to progr places

Harvest Home 3 cpl lw set
Fraisier 1796

A1 1's turn 2's (M by the L, W by the R)
1's turn 2's (M by the R, W by the L)
A2 1's lead dwn the center & back, cast off one place
B1 Circle 6, L & R
B2 1's facing dwn, all dance mirror hey (goes quickly). On last 4 counts,
1's cast to foot while 2's & 3's dance overhead allemande* as they move up

*Overhead allemande: Taking R in R, W turn R (cw) under raised arms. Partners do not change sides.

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales lw dpl
c 1790

A1 1's set to & honor 2nd W. 1's circle L with 2nd W once round
A2 Repeat with 2nd M
B1 1's lead down the center, back, and cast off (2's move up)All RH turn
person on R diagonal once roundAll LH turn person on L diagonal once round
B2 With parner, dance full pousette (c'wise)
R&L, four changes

Note: The "B" music is 16 bars long

The Hole in the Wall lw dpl

A1 1-4 1's cast dwn around 2's lead back up to place
A2 1-4 2's cast up around 1's & lead down to place
B1 1-2 1st crnrs change
3-4 2nd crnrs change
5-8 circle 1/2; all TS
B2 1-4 2nd crnrs change; 1st crnrs change
5-8 Circle 1/2; 1's cast off & 2's move up

The Indian Queen lw dpl

A1 1-8 1st M &2nd W set moving fwd, turn single back to place;
turn 2 hands once around
A2 1-8 1st W & 2nd M the same
B1 1-8 1st & 2nd cpls R hands across and L hands back
B2 1-8 Prtnrs back-to-back; 3 changes of a circ hey (quick, no

The Installation lw, 3 cpl
c. 1772

A1 Cross-over heys
A2 Hey on your own side
B1 1st cpl 1/2 fig 8 dwn thru 2nd cpl; all turn partner
B2 3rd cpl 1/2 fig 8 up thru 2nd cpl; all turn partner and form ring of
6 (alt M-W)
C1 1-4 All set R & L twice. M face W on R
5-8 Grand chain, 3 changes (R L R). End with same person on right of M as
at the start of the chain.
C2 1-4 In circle, all set R & L twice as before
5-8 Grand chain, 3 changes
D1 1st cpl cross & cast to middle, 2's lead up; 1's 1/2 fig 8 up thru
D2 1's & 3's, partners facing, R & L 5 changes; 1's continue to
bottom, 3's lead up

In the Bleak Midwinter lw dpl impr
Robin Hayden 1996

A1 1-4 Women come forward to meet, turn single back to place
5-8 All turn partners with two hands once around
A2 1-4 Men come forward to meet, turn single back to place
5-8 All turn neighbors once and a half with two hands
Bl 1-4 Circle four left once around
5-8 Right shoulder back to back with partners
B2 1-4 Circle four right once around
5-8 All pass neighbors by the L shldr, turn around over L shldr and pass
neighbor again by the L to progress. (This figure should feel parallel with

Jacob Hall's Jig lw dpl

A1 1-4 1st M turn 2nd W by the R hand, partnr by the left
5-8 1st cpl & 2nd W hands 3 ccw to places
A2 1-4 2nd M turn 1st W with the L, partnr R
5-8 2nd cpl with 1st W hands 3, cw to place
B1 1-4 1st cpl lead dwn the center (2 bars), turn around (1), lead
back to between 2nd cpl (1)

5-8 All face up, take hands and lead up a dbl, fall back a dbl
and bend into line; 2's above
the 1's
B2 1-4 1st & 2nd cpl hands four (once round)
5-8 1st cpl lead up thru 2nd cpl and cast to 2nd place.

John Tallis's Canon lw duple.
Pat Shaw 1965

Voice 1, 1st crnrs

A1 1-2 Fwd & meet
3-4 Fall back
5-6 X over passing R shldr
7-8 TS Left

A2 1-2 Meet
3-4 Fall back
5-6 X back by R shldr
7-8 TS Left

B1 1-2 RHT half way
3-4 complete RHT
5-6 Set R&L
7-8 TS Right

B2 1-2 LHT half way round
3-4 complete LHT
5-6 Fall straight back
7-8 Move fwd diag to R to progress*


Voice 2, 2st crnrs

A1 1-2 Fwd & meet
3-4 Fall back
5-6 X over passing R shldr
7-8 TS Left

A2 1-2 Meet
3-4 Fall back
5-6 X back by R shldr
7-8 TS Left

B1 1-2 RH half way
3-4 complete RHT
5-6 Set R&L
7-8 TS Right

B2 1-2 LH half way round
3-4 complete LHT
5-6 Fall straight back
7-8 Move fwd diag to L to progress*


*1st crnrs pass in front of 2nd corner.

Kelsterne Gardens 3 cpl set DM vIII 1727

A1 1-8 Hey for 3 on sides (mirror hey)
A2 1-8 1st & 2nd cpls dbl fig 8 (1's cross dwn, 2's move up)
B1 1-6 1st & 2nd cpl hands 4 once round; 1's cast off as 2's move up
B2 1-6 1st & 3rd cpls circ once round, 1's cast to 3rd place

Kneeland Romp 3 cpl lw Gary Roodman c. 1987

A1 1-4 1st cpl cast to 2nd place, 2's up
5-8 1's & 3's circ L once round
A2 1-4 1st cpl cast back to 1st pl, 2's dwn
5-8 1's & 2's circ L once round
B1 1-8 1st cpl lead dwn center, back & cast off
8-12 Taking H in lines, set R&L moving fwd, TS back to pl
B2 1-4 TOPS TURN. Top cpl RHT as 2nd & 3rd PLACES 1/2 R&L
5-8 BOTTOMS TURN. 3rd PL cpl RHT as 1st & 2nd 1/2 R&L
9-12 TOPS TURN . Top cpl RHT as 2nd & 3rd 1/2 R&L

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Mayfair 2 cpl
Colin Hume c.1992

A1 Lead prtnr fwd a dbl; fall back. Pass opp R shldr, do a wide cast away
from prtnr & finish beside opp, facing partner
A2 Lead opp fwd a dbl; fall back. Cross as before, end by prtnr
B W cross R shldr; M cross R shldr. Circle L (all home)
A1 Side R shldr with prtnr. Cross RS, cast away and face opp
A2 Side LS with opp. Cross over by LS & cast away to finsih beside opp
facing prtnr. (cpls have changed places)
B Half pousette with prtnr, M pushing. Half pousette with opp, W pushing
A1 Arm R with prtnr, end with W facing out, M facing opp's back. W cast
L followed by opp, W finish in other W's place, M in orig place
A2 Arm L, end with M facing out, W facing prtnrs back. M cast R, followed
by partnr. M finish in other M's place, W where they started this movement.
(cpls have changed places)
B RH star once round. Two-HT opp 1/2; 2HT partner 1/2

Mr. Beveridges Maggot lw dpl

A1 1-2 1st cpl cross over passing R shldr, falling back on last 3
3-4 1's facing dwn, go bk-to-bk R shldr with 2nd cpl
A2 1-2 All turn single R; R hand turn neighbor once round*
3-4 1st cpl cross to own side giving L hands and fall back into
B1 1-2 1st cpl cross & cast (2's move up)
3-4 All go b-t-b w/ prtnr & form a line facing up (1's in
middle, impr)
5-8 Up six steps & back, 1st cpl falling in above 2's (impr) on
meas 8
B2 1-6 1st cpl go full fig 8 thru 2nd cpl (18 counts)
7-8 Cross and cast into 2nd place (6 counts)
* The turn single should flow directly into the RH turn

Mr. Isaacs Maggott lw dpl

A1 1-4 1st M RH turn 2nd W and dance below 2nd M to orig place
A2 1-4 1st W LH turn 2nd M and dance below 2nd W to place
B1 1-4 1st & 2nd M, 1st & 2nd W take near hands, fall back 6
steps, come fwd 6, turning
single on last three steps
5-8 1st & 2nd cpls circ hey, 3 changes (no hands) and form line
of 4 facing up, 1st cpl in
9-10 In line of 4, fwd 3 steps, fall back 3 steps
11-12 Lead up again & 1st cpl cast off to 2nd place

The Mock Hoby Horse lw dpl

A1 1-4 1st M turn 2nd W
5-8 2nd M turn 1st W
B1 1-4 M lead thru W and cast back to place
5-8 All turn neighbor 1-1/2 (progress)
B1 1-4 W lead thru M and cast back to place
5-8 All turn partners

Mount Hills lw dpl

A1 1st cpl cross & cast, 1/2 fig 8 up
A2 2nd cpl the same
B1 1st crnrs change, 2nd crnrs change. Hands 4 halfway & TS
B2 Prtnrs back-to-back. Three changes of hey (quick, no hands)

Never Love Thee More lw dpl

A 1-4 All face up, set & honor to Presence
5-8 Set & honor to Partner
9-16 All up a dbl & back twice
Dance (Repeated)
A1 1-8 Prtnrs back-to-back R shldr; back-to-back L shldr
9-16 1's full fig 8 thru 2's
A2 1-8 Circ 4 1/2 way . All fall back a dbl & cross with prtnr
9-16 RH across & LH back
Ending (last time thruu dance)
A 1-8 All up a dbl & back twice
9-12 Prtnrs set & honor
13-16 All face up & set & honor to Presence

The Pilgrim (or Lord Foppington) lw dpl

A1 1-8 1st corners turn once round by the R
All circle left, half way & turn single
A2 1-8 Repeat A1, 2nd crnrs turning
B1 1-4 1's half fig 8 dwn thru 2's
5-8 2's half fig 8 up thru 1's
B2 1-4 1's lead dwn thru 2's, turn away from partner and face up
WHILE 2's move up outside
and turn in to face dwn
5-8 Neighbors facing, three changes of a hey (quick, no hands)

Portsmouth lw dpl

A1 1-8 1st M hey with 1st & 2nd W
A2 1-8 1st W hey with 1st & 2nd M
B1 1-8 1st cpl cross & cast & 1/2 fig 8 up thru 2's
B2 1-8 R&L

The Punch Bowl lw dpl

A1 1-2 1's cross & cast while 2's meet
3-4 1's lead dwn thru next 2's below & cast back to 2nd place
while 2's separate & move
up outside next 1's above & lead back dwn thru casting 1's
5-8 Orig 1's & 2's circle 1/2; 1's cast, 2's move up
A2 Repeat with 2's (now above) crossing & casting, etc.
B1 1 1st corner places (M2 & W1) change
2 2nd corners change
3-4 Circle 1/2
5-8 1's cast & turn 1/2 while 2's move up turning 1-1/2

Put on Thy Smock on a Monday 3 cpl circ

A1 1-4 Hands 6, slip left
5-8 Partners set & turn single
A2 1-8 Repeat, slipping R
B1 1-4 1st M lead part. and W on L toward 3rd W and fall back
5-8 1st M turn 3rd W while other 2 W turn (2 hds)
B2 1st M lead 3rd W & 1st W toward 2nd W and fall back
1st M turns 2nd W, while other 2 W do the same
B3 1st M lead 2nd W & 3rd W toward 1st W & fall back
1st M turn 1st W, oter 2 W the same
REPEAT: For 2nd M after siding; for 3rd M after arming

The Queen's Jig lw dpl

A1 1-8 1st crnrs side (Sharp style), set & turn single
A2 1-8 2nd crnrs repeat A1
B1 1-4 1st crnrs change; 2nd crnrs change
5-8 Neighbors fall back 2 steps, cross, change places w/prtnr &
turn R into
B2 1-6 R hands across once around
7-8 All turn single

The Red House lw dpl
(40 bars, ABBCC)

A1 Taking hands with neighbor, all fwd a dbl to meet & fall bk
All set & TS
B1 1st M, followed by prtnr, cast below 2nd M & pass cw round
2nd W ending below
2nd cpl. 2's do not move
B2 Reverse: 1st W, followed by prtnr, cast up around 2nd W,
pass ccw round 2nd M into
own places. 1's cast off, 2's move up
C1 1st W hey with 2nd cpl (pass 2nd M L shldr to begin)
C2 1st M hey with 2nd cpl (pass 2nd W R shldr)

Saint Martin's Lane lw triple

A1 1-8 M1 cast (M2 up), turn W3 & dance up behind M2 to place (M2 dwn)
A2 1-8 W1 cast, turn M3 & dance behind W2 to place
B 1-2 1's lead dwn to 3's &
3-8 Cross between 3's to start dbl fig 8 with 3's ( 3's cast up
to start)
9-14 1's cross between 2's to start dbl fig 8 (2's cast dwn to
15-19 Partners 2 hand turn once round & fall back

Siege of Limerick lw dpl

A 1-4 1st M face down and go behind and below 2nd M, cross & pass
cw round 2nd W
ending in 2nd M's place, 2nd M moving up on bar 4
5-8 1st W do same, passing ccw round partner
B 1-2 1's cast up, 2's move dwn
3-4 All go back-to-back with partner
5-8 R&L, 4 changes (3 counts per change)
9-12 1's lead dwn center(1 bar), turn around (1), lead back &
cast off (2)

Trip to Kilburn lw triple DM v.2, 4th ed 1728

A1 1-2 1's cast, 2's move up
3-6 1's & 3's hands 4
7-8 1's lead thru 3's
A2 1-2 1's cast to 2nd pl
3-6 1's & 2's hands 4
7-8 1's lead thru 2's
B1 1-2 1's cast into 2nd pl
3-8 Hands 6 once round
B2 1-4 1's & 2's, Circular Hey (no hands)
5-8 1's & 2's 2H turn prtnrs

Wa is Me, What Mun I Do? lw dpl DM 1696

A1 1-4 1st M moves fwd & takes hands with the 1st & 2nd W. Circle
L until 1st M comes into 2nd W place.
5-8 Dropping hands with 1st W, M leads the 2 W around below 2nd M until
1st M is in 2nd W place.
A2 1-4 2nd M moves fwd & takes hands with the 1st & 2nd W. Circle
L until 2nd M comes into 1st W place.
5-8 Dropping hands with 1st W, M leads the 2 W around below 1st M until
2nd M is in 1st W orig. place. (all are progr & improp)
B 1-2 All fall back on sides, then
3-4 Fwd to meet & hands 4, slip L 1/4 (W above, M below)
5-6 Lead prtnrs out sides, turn & lead back
7-8 All cast off to their right (moving 1 place L and ending in orig places)
9-10 1st M & 2nd W meet & fall back
11-12 1st W & 2nd M meet & fall back
13-16 Beginning with partner, 3 chanages of R&L to end progressed & proper
NOTE: The timing of the figures in B measures 1-4 have been altered from
those given by C. Helwig.

Wakefield Hunt Trip Thompson 1779

A1 1st M cast, (2nd M move up) set to & 2H turn 3rd W returning to 2nd place
A2 1st W the same
B1 Hands 6, slip L & R
B2 1's gate thru 3's & then thru 2's
C1 1's RH across with 3's & then LH across with 2's
C2 1's & 3's 3 changes of hey w/hands and go outside & below next
cpl who move up middle to become 3's of set above

NOTE: Triple progression. New couple at top of set begins dance each
time through.

The Wood Duck Circ mixer F. deM. Herman

Double Circle, M facing out, W facing in
A1 1-4 Partners R shldr gypsy
5-8 Turn by the L with dancer on left diag
A2 1-4 Prtnrs gypsy L shldr
5-8 Turn by the R with dancer on right diag
B 1-2 Prtnrs takin 2 hands, chasse 2 steps in LOD (i.e. M's L)
3-4 M turn prtnr under L arm & puts her on his L; all face out
5-6 All taking hands in big circle, balance fwd & back
7-8 M lead W on R in front of him as his new prtnr &
9-16 All waltz in LOD with new partner.

Contact: Lou Vosteen for further instructions.

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