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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 07:15:43 -0000
Subject: ~Celtic Well compiled bibliography with disclaimer

Thread #1:
Creation, Rule, Right Action, Natural Order
Geographical extent of Druidism
Oral Transmission and preservation of transmission

Caesar, Julius; Wiseman, Anne and Peter (trans); The Battle For Gaul 0879235616
Cunliffe, Barry; Facing the Ocean: The Atlantic and its Peoples 0192853554
Kelly, Fergus; Early Irish Farming 1855001802
Kinsella, Thomas; The Tain 0192803735
Lucas, A T; Cattle in Ancient Ireland 0863141455
Macalister, R.A.S.; Lebor Gabala Erenn 1870166418
Raftery, Barry; Pagan Celtic Ireland 0500279837
Robins, Don; Ross, Anne; The Life and Death of a Druid Prince 0671741225
Ross, Anne; Druids 0752425765
Wells, Peter; The Barbarians Speak 0691089787

The following is found on Perseus Digital Library:

Suetonius, Lives of the Twelve Caesars
Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities from 1898
Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities from 1854

Thread 2
Creation stories
Creation, Rule, Right Action, Natural Order
Death of Donn
Fire and Water

Anonymous The First Battle of Moytura 1419153692
Carey, John; Koch, John; The Celtic Heroic Age 1891271091
Davies, Owen; Cunning Folk 1852852976
Dillon, Myles; Chadwick, Nora; The Celtic Realms 0785816763
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Green, Miranda; Celtic Art 0415080762
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James, Simon The World of the Celts 0500279985
Koch, John T.; Celtic Culture A Historical Encyclopedia 1851094407
Sjoestedt, Marie-Louise; Celtic Gods and Heroes 0486414418

Thread 3: Mythology

Baillie, Mike; McCafferty, Patrick; The Celtic Gods: Comets in Irish Mythology 0752434446
Leeming, David; World of European Mythology 0195143612
Mac Cana, Proinsias; Celtic Mythology 0872262421
Rees, Alwyn; Rees, Brinley; Celtic Heritage 0500270392

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Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 12:48:58 -0400
Subject: ~Celtic Well book question

Dear all: Over at Whiteoak we are looking at our basic Celtic/Druid reading list and thinking about updating it. Some are saying that Ann Ross's book Pagan Celtic Britain, for example, is now badly out of date as far as Celtic scholarship. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for books that are more current or opinions about the list in general. Here is what we are working with:

Green, Miranda; The World Of The Druids 0500285713
Ross, Anne; Pagan Celtic Britain 0897334353
Cunliffe, Barry; The Celtic World 031209700X
Carmichael, Alexander; The Celtic Gift Of Nature: Illustrated Selections From The
Carmina Gadelica In Gaelic And English.
Cross, Tom Peete; Ancient Irish Tales 0805044086
Chadwick, Nora; The Celts 0140250743
Sjoestedt, Marie-Louise; Gods And Heroes Of The Ancient Celts 1851821791
Hopman, Ellen Evert; A Druid's Herbal For The Sacred Earth Year 0892815019
Kondratiev, Alexei; Celtic Rituals: An Authentic Guide To Ancient Celtic Spirituality 1902012186
Lincoln, Bruce; Death, War And Sacrifice 0226482006

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Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 16:18:11 +0200
Subject: Re: ~Celtic Well the problem with Ann Ross

In response to: Dear all: Over at Whiteoak we are still grappling with the book list. In your esteemed opinions, is Ann Ross's PAGAN CELTIC BRITAIN hopelessly out of date?

Answer: That depends on the audience. For beginners, I would pick other books on the up to date front. On the other hand, it's a fairly easy read.

For the intermediate level, I would still encourage reading it, but with the caveat that the ahistorical, pan-Celtic approach is dated. There have been new finds and so on as well, but in the main it's not the material but the style of analysis which has dated.

Ross largely ignores time and distance when drawing comparisons; it's an assumption of a hermetically sealed parallel culture developing in isolation. To counter that I would strongly recommend Haywood, John; The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World. (0500051097) for a clear and visual presentation of the geographic and temporal development, and Wells, Peter S. Beyond Celts, Germans and Scythians: Archaeology and Identity in Iron Age Europe. Duckworth Debates in Archaeology Series. (0715630369) for an idea of cross-cultural interactions and the construction of cultural identity.

From Ellen: If so, which parts are problematic? Or is it still basic reading for Celtic scholars? And if it is hopeless, what is a good replacement? (We already added the Kruta et al book, The Celts from Rizzoli) thanks

Kruta et al is very good, much more detailed than Ross, but also a little indigestible due to the sheer amount of content. One would not imagine a student reading it cover to cover. On the other hand, taken section by section along with other material as part of a structured reading and discussion group over a year or so, it would work very well.

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Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 00:12:28 EDT
Subject: Re: ~Celtic Well book question

Dames, Michael; Merlin and Wales 0500510792
Dames, Michael; Mythic Ireland 0500278725
Fries, Jan; Cauldron of the Gods 186992861X
Knight, Gareth; Awen: The Quest of the Celtic Mysteries 1928754007
Matthews, John; Taliesin, The Last Celtic Shaman 0892818697
Morgan, Morien; Mabin of the Mabinogion 0902103091

*The Four Ancient Books of Wales, W. F. Skene
*Light of Brittania, Owen Morgan
*The Flaming Door, Eleanor Merry
*Thumb of Knowledge

Several of the books I mentioned above (*) are from Kessinger Publishing, which reprints late 1800's and early 1900's esoteric texts. Therefore I wouldn't say it is exactly recent research ... more like classic hard-to-find sources for your own research. Plenty of Druidic themes to be found there ... some good, some bad, and some plain silly romantic foofoo. But any good researcher shouldn't overlook these. - Allen

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Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 23:28:04 EDT
Subject: ~Celtic Well Re: bibliography from previous conversations

In response to: Well, I'm doing a short paper/presentation on the history of bards from the Old Irish period up until about 1650. I am also, however, looking into some side topics for my own interest. Ogham isn't my primary interest, but early Celtic music definitely is. Does that help with focus?

Melanie, Yes, that helps. I knew you were doing a paper on Irish bards, but I didn't know exactly what it was about Egan's article that interested you. On the subject of early Celtic music, may I recommend the following books and articles:

Bruford, Alan 1990 Song and Recitation in Early Ireland Celtica 21, pp. 61-74 (available online)

Feehan, Fanny 1981 Suggested links between Eastern and Celtic Music. In Robert O'Driscoll (ed.), The Celtic Consciousness. New York: George Braziller; pages 333-340. 0807611360

Megaw, J.V.S.; Music Archaeology and the Ancient Celts.
Ó Madagáin, Breandán 1981 Irish Vocal Music of Lament and Syllabic Verse. In Robert O'Driscoll (ed.), The Celtic Consciousness. New York: George Braziller; pages 311-332. 0807611360

Ralls-MacLeod, Karen; Music and the Celtic Otherworld 1902930096

There are some ideas worth pursuing in the section Druids as Poets and Musicians in the book The Druids by Peter Berresford Ellis, pages 207-212. 0802837980

You may also want to examine some books on Celtic meters:

Travis, James Early Celtic Versecraft
Murphy, Gerard Early Irish Metrics

And take a look at late Irish harpers:

O'Sullivan, Donal Carolan: The Life, Times and Music of an Irish Harper

Bunting, Edward The Ancient Music of Ireland 0486413764

Also from: teuthos66@aol.com

Brunaux, Jean Louis; The Celtic Gauls: Gods, Rites, and Sanctuaries 185264009X
Herity, Michael; Ireland in Prehistory 0415048893
Laurence, Flanagan; Ancient Ireland: Life Before the Celts 0312218818
O'Kelly, Michael J.; Early Ireland: An Introduction to Irish Prehistory 0521336872

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Date: Sat Apr 26 2008 8:27 EDT
Subject: Nora Chadwick: Celtic Britain

Nora Chadwick's book Celtic Britain is now online on my site, at http://tinyurl.com/4cjbdl.

Bill Thayer